Surokkha - COVID-19 Vaccine Management System for Bangladesh

Surokkha is one of the biggest Government projects executed in Bangladesh to deliver a smooth vaccination program to 150 millions people in Bangladesh.

Surokkha - COVID-19 Vaccine Management System for Bangladesh


In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh was confronted with the daunting task of efficiently managing vaccine distribution for its large population. The government, seeking a cost-effective and scalable solution, faced the challenge of developing a system that could handle vast amounts of data and ensure widespread accessibility for vaccine registration and distribution.


CodersBucket and the ICT Division combined innovative strategy and swift execution to create the Surokkha app. Md Sarwar Hossain, leveraging his experience as a former CAMS consultant, rejoined the team, infusing it with his expertise. The team utilized the design principles from the successful CAMS project, focusing on developing a segregated database system for managing the extensive data load efficiently.


The initial three months were critical, dedicated to establishing a robust registration system. This phase laid the foundational groundwork, ensuring the platform’s readiness for public registration.

Simultaneously, the team was rigorously working on the distribution app, an essential component for vaccine administration. The development process was characterized by incremental deliveries. Each feature was rolled out systematically, undergoing thorough testing to ensure full functionality and operational reliability. This step-by-step approach facilitated continual refinement and adaptation, prioritizing both the system’s functionality and its user-friendliness.


A pivotal element of the development strategy was the platform’s versatility, designed to function seamlessly across various devices. The app’s architecture included a service layer, crucial for swift API integration. This feature expedited the development of a distribution app that was not only intuitive but also highly effective in its application.


  • More than 86 million vaccinations were administered to NID cardholders, alongside 2 million to passport holders and 20 million using birth certificates, demonstrating the app’s extensive reach and inclusivity.
  • The Surokkha website recorded over 100 million visitors, underscoring its crucial role in Bangladesh’s vaccination campaign and 5+ million download android app.
  • Recognized as one of Bangladesh’s most successful government projects, Surokkha reflected the impactful and effective use of technology in public health.
  • The ICT Division received multiple awards for their innovative and dedicated work on the Surokkha project, highlighting its significance and success.

Note: This project is maintained and managed by Instalogic, which received the contract from the ICT Division of the Government of Bangladesh. Instalogic is a subsidiary of CodersBucket Ltd.


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