Simply Eloped - A Comprehensive Elopement Management Platform

Simply Eloped aims to simplify the process of planning high-quality, personalized, and cost-conscious ceremonies for couples looking to elope. Simply Eloped offer a combination of a dedicated team, nationally renowned vendors, and innovative technology to streamline elopement planning.


A Stagnant Wedding Industry Meets Innovative Minds

In a wedding industry dominated by either grand ceremonies or impersonal city hall unions, Simply Eloped emerged as a breath of fresh air. Founded by Janessa White and Matt Dalley, the company identified a unique challenge: the market lacked options for couples desiring intimate, personalized, yet affordable weddings. The term ‘elopement’ carried outdated stigmas, and Simply Eloped was poised to revolutionize this concept.

Personalized Elopements with a Tech-Forward Approach


Crafting Personalized Elopements with a Tech-Forward Approach

Janessa and Matt’s solution was as simple as it was revolutionary: offer bundled, stress-free elopement packages that cater to modern couples. They harnessed technology, creating a proprietary system, ‘Central Station,’ to streamline the intricate planning process. This innovative approach was complemented by a keen understanding of their clientele’s desires for authenticity, affordability, and minimal stress.

Simply Eloped’s service model was groundbreaking. They built a vast network of over 700 vetted vendors, expanded to 34 picturesque destinations, and redefined elopements to include up to 20 guests, making ceremonies both intimate and communal. Each wedding, whether a Game of Thrones-themed ceremony or a classic exchange of vows, was meticulously crafted to reflect each couple’s unique story.

Redefining Elopements and Achieving Unprecedented Success


Redefining Elopements and Achieving Unprecedented Success

The results were nothing short of phenomenal. Simply Eloped didn’t just fill a gap; they created a new wedding genre. Over 10,000 couples have since chosen them for their special day, marking Simply Eloped as the largest elopement provider in the world. Financially, the growth was staggering – from $40,000 in initial bookings to a booming $1.4 million in just two years.


The COVID-19 pandemic tested their resilience, but Simply Eloped adapted swiftly. As traditional weddings became untenable, elopements gained newfound popularity. Simply Eloped was ready, turning the challenges into an opportunity to streamline their internal processes and emerging stronger, with a renewed vision for the future.

Looking Ahead: Simply Eloped's Exciting Future

Today, Simply Eloped stands at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry, with ambitious plans for global expansion and a deepened commitment to creating unforgettable moments. Janessa’s leadership continues to drive the company, fueled by a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the changing dynamics of modern love stories.

Janessa White Reflects: “Simply Eloped has foraged the future for weddings. From our ability to book services without talking to a sales rep (think Airbnb for weddings) to our huge vendor marketplace, we’re by far the largest elopement company in the world. Sarwar and his team has been with us since the beginning and we wouldn’t be where we are without him and his team (including the one and amazing Fahad!).”


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