Join the team with a focused, goal oriented career path

CodersBucket is a place where we prioritize the growth of our team members to the top. We are focused to provide the best work environment and a friendly team to collaborate with.

Join the team with a focused, goal oriented career path
Available Jobs

Job Offers

We are looking for a talented UI/UX Designer with a strong portfolio and 2+ years of experience to join our team. The ideal candidate will excel in creating intuitive, visually appealing designs for web and mobile applications, and have proficiency in design tools such as Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • No. of Vacancy: 1
  • Experience Requirements: At least 2 years
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: Negotiable (Salary will be based on the experience and expertise).
Application Deadline: June 27, 2024

We may not have open positions right now, but your talent matters. Submit your CV [here] and specify your desired role. Be the first to hear about future openings that match your skills!

Work Culture and Benefits

Why Choose CodersBucket: Our Work Culture and Benefits

Documented workflow

Every workflow whether for developers, designers or managers are well documented in CodersBucket. We update our regular activities in our management platforms and use the tools like Notion, Trello, Asana and Hellohrm.

Client plays a major role in our organizations improvement and progress. We serve our clients to the best of our intentions. Clients work always get priority over others. They are paying high enough to deserve this services.

Our developers do not only research on new techs, but also implement those in a project whether it is for clients or in-house products. You will learn by doing everything and get the tips and tricks from the bests.

Maintaining deadlines is one of the most significant attribute of CodersBucket. For this we discuss thoroughly with the team and set deadlines with their valued opinion. No deadline is set without members concern.

We have automated our development process. Developers do not need to focus on deployment or spend times on servers and others. Our dev-ops team will take care of everything that is related to project release.

CodersBucket not only provides the best work environment, but also take care of the financials for its members. We provide the best deals according to your skills and experiences. There is no compromise on employee satisfaction.

Empowering Innovation

Empowering Innovation: Knowledge Sharing and Visibility

Empowering Innovation Knowledge Sharing and Visibility

Live sessions of project & research

When a developer completes a project or done a successful research work, they demonstrate their findings, challenges, solutions and documentation to the other members of the team and to the entire company. He has to face the questions and queries of the other developers. With this interactive session, we develop ourself a lot.

Publish your work as a tech blog

We inspire our team members to publish their work as a tech blog in our blog page. As we document each and every step, it is quite convincing for them to publish it as their work. In this way, they get confident about their contribution to the company and display their work outside the company.

Project kits and documents

CodersBucket prepares all the project kits from scratch and make those available to all the team members. We use Notion for documenting all the steps, solutions, challenges and updates of a project. We include this for our in-house products as well as client projects.

Cultural Vibrance

Cultural Vibrance at CodersBucket: Celebrating Diversity and Unity


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