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CodersBucket is an industry-leading software solutions provider delivering innovative web & mobile applications, eCommerce solutions, and enterprise software solutions to a global clientele across a wide range of markets.


CodersBucket Ltd. was founded in 2020 by the CEO of Instalogic, Md Sarwar Hossain and it is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CodersBucket eventually acquired Instalogic in 2022 and continues Instalogics’ day-to-day operations with its existing local and offshore clientele. 

CodersBucket has buckets of experiences once it started working as the mother company of Instalogic. We have built massive software for both local and international markets. Our brilliant team members provide a success guarantee to the clients in terms of digitally transforming their business.

Mission & Vision

CodersBucket company’s mission is to deliver top-notch software solutions and services to mid and small-scale businesses to help them grow their business exponentially. 

Our vision is to help a number of businesses globally grow as digital superpowers. We nurture the dream of becoming an influential contributor to the world of innovative digital solutions and help small and mid-scale companies to grow at a fast pace.

Our Works


TuitionIDEA is a tuition management mobile Application where tutors can manage students in an easy and efficient way. Here Tutor can create students' profiles and can Schedule/Re-Schedule time/dates and can trace payment history as well. In the coming version, TuitionIDEA is going to enhance the system with some exciting features.


Hellohrm is a centralized HRM for service-based companies that are connected to a number of clients and a number of multiple project management systems and tools like Trello, Asana, Google, Instadesk, TimeDoctor etc. Hellohrm provides facilities to get connected with all and manage everything from one place.


GymCity is a growing application that helps you manage every aspect of your gymnasium, health studio, health training center or personal health coaching classes. You can manage your current members in a profile-based management system. You can manage their payment status, update the invoices and see reports.

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