TutorFleet - Manage students tuition schedules easily

TutorFleet is a tuition management mobile Application where tutors can manage students in an easy and efficient way. Here Tutor can create students’ profiles and can Schedule/Re-Schedule time/dates and can trace payment history as well.


Our client is a teacher who provides tuition to students of different levels. Starting from school to college, he has over 100 students who regularly take tuition from him. He was managing all these tasks by himself in pen and paper. While the business was growing, he was getting frustrated with spending so much time and effort managing students’ schedules, notifying them about the classes, arranging and creating invoices every month, updating the invoices and generating reports every month.


We created an application for such a situation for the teachers in the sub-content and eventually all over the world who provide extra tuition to the students. We have facilitated this application with student profile management, where you can put a lot of information if you need it. We also put student batches and individual tuition facilities. Teachers can schedule students’ tuition time, they can even create batches for multiple students. All of their schedules will appear in a calendar that is easily browseable. Teachers receive regular notifications on the schedules. The student tuition invoice is created automatically based on their individual or batch info. Teachers can see payment details, total earnings etc.


Our client now expanded his business to the next level just by eliminating the time he was spending on pen and paper managing and only focusing on business expansion. We are having clients from all over the world and the feedback is awesome. We are currently focusing on developing this for organizations like schools, and colleges that can manage their students and schedules very easily.

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