Hellohrm - Smart HRM for small to mid scale businesses

Hellohrm is a cloud-based HR software providing a simple experience to employees. It helps you accommodate quickly to the changes and make your HR process robust and effective. Build a high-performance team with our elegant features.


We were struggling with all of our HR activities as a service-based company. Our regular work involved regular worklog submission, leave management, employee document management, requisition, and report viewing to make future decisions. We used separate software to manage everything and mostly used excel and google sheets. Those have taken a huge amount of time. We also tried paid HR solutions, but those big features and too many steps couldn’t solve the time we wanted to save.


We came up with our own solution, Hellohrm. This is a very basic and smart HR software that only does the small things pretty well. We have implemented employee profile management in a single page to provide convenient usage. Our leave management has different types of leave configurations that need to be set only once. Including a daily work log for our clients that connects to multiple sources like Trello, Asana, Instadesk has saved us enormous time. Employee request handling made it easy to track the requisitions. The introduction of billing the employee work logs save a huge amount of time and provided a good number of reports to the managers.


The result of creating Hellohrm was tremendous. We have improved our HR process to a much smoother one and saved a lot of time for the HR admins. This software is for all industries that are small to medium scale and want to keep their HR works tiny and clean. Hellohrm provides amazing flexibility to HR admins to have clear communication with their employees and fulfill other HR needs efficiently

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